Ciao, Nove!

Dear Nove Women,

When I launched Nove in January 2020, nobody expected how the world would turn upside down within a few weeks time. After an overwhelming start, Nove was always generating stable sales, which I am very proud of as it seemed to be a proof for the concept behind – having a wardrobe adapting to your body in all phases of life.

From the beginning of the crisis on Nove faced issues with production and material supply, as the textile industry, especially the small businesses we work with, were heavily affected by Covid. But even being a small business ourself, we kept running and working and juggling. The political and economical situation became even more challenging in the past months, which led to material costs increasing exponentially, some of our main suppliers were forced to increase their minimum order quantities in a way we can not keep up with, and one of our main productions had to close their business. The margins at Nove have always been calculated in the tightest way possible, ensuring that we offer best quality to the lowest price. I always believed and still believe in the idea that sustainable business can be possible. But now, Nove is not longer financially sustainable. During the past months I tried to balance out as good as I could, but today I must inform you that I can no longer maintain it.

It is impossible to thank all of you enough for supporting Nove from the very first day on. I still remember well being at the notary with my 6 weeks old son, having no idea where this journey would take me. I am not regretting one single minute of my work for Nove, I don’t see it as a fail, I still see Nove as an amazing project and the idea behind will always be my passion: Supporting women in every phase of their lives.

X Janina