About Nove

Nove creates the modern women's wardrobe that is wearable in every stage of life. Even during and beyond pregnancy. 

Intertwining effortless elegance and contemporary refinement, Nove understands the women of today. Our body changes up to 30 times during life, therefore we need a wardrobe adapting to our bodies - not the other way around. 

Women should be able to focus on what they want achieve in life, being supported by a wardrobe evolving with their needs. Be it business, babies or both. We follow our own mission and we need a uniform that is supporting us, every single day, so we can focus on the important things that move us.

“I founded Nove to give women the wardrobe to feel and look how they want every day — timeless and beautiful. I want to empower women to embrace their bodies at every stage of their lives. Buying new clothes in every stage of life is not to combine with our pragmatism and our ambition to act sustainably. Nove wants to give all women essentials that effortlessly stand the test of time.” 

Janina Waschkowski, Founder 

Janina Waschkowski founded Nove in 2019. When being pregnant with her first child, she could not find anything she could wear beyond the pregnancy. Only simple and inferior materials are used for most of the maternity wear on the market, due to the fact that the clothes have one purpose - to be worn only when pregnant. Janina didn’t want to adapt her style and values just because she was expecting a child and changing her body size temporarily. In that moment, Nove was born.

Portrait Nove Founder Janina Waschkowski