About Nove

Nove redefines the idea of maternity wear by offering modern women a wardrobe that is wearable before, during, and after pregnancy. We embrace the female body in every stage of life.

Intertwining effortless elegance and contemporary refinement, Nove understands the women of today. With its timelessly designed pieces, the brand provides versatile essentials made to last. The use of sustainable materials ensures comfort without having to compromise on style. Nove is a label where transitional designs meet tailored fits, complemented by a neutral color palette.

“Nove wants to give mothers-to-be modern essentials that effortlessly stand the test of time.” - Janina Waschkowski, Founder 

Janina Waschkowski, a mother of two, founded Nove in 2019. During both of her pregnancies, Janina couldn’t find what she was looking for - high quality and elegant maternity wear that was made sustainably. Only simple and inferior materials are used for most of the maternity wear on the market, due to the fact that the clothes have one purpose - to be worn only when pregnant. Janina didn’t want to adapt her style and values just because she was expecting a child. In that moment, Nove was born.