Nove Cares About Peace Silk

Silk is a timeless material that will never lose its elegance. The smooth texture and its glowing shine makes every garment feel like a luxury to wear. It was therefore a must for Nove to include this beautiful textile in the first collection.

The creation of silk is one of many steps, making the material even more valuable. First off, silkworms build themselves cocoons as they slowly start to grow into a butterfly. The cocoons are spun with soft threads, formed from hardened silkworm saliva. These threads result in the actual silk thread. 

For conventional silk, the thread is gained by boiling the silkworms in their cocoons. As it is no option to support this harmful method, Nove only makes use of Peace Silk: a non-violent way of breeding and harvesting silk that allows the silk worms to complete their natural life cycle. This means that the silkworms can hatch from their cocoon in the moment they have grown up. As they leave the cocoon biting a small hole, the thread needs to be fixed manually. This explains why Peace Silk is more expensive, as it requires more work.

The cruelty-free production, low water footprint and the less wasteful characteristics are key factors which made me choose for this material. Besides being cruelty free, the Peace Silk that Nove uses is 100% organic as well. The material shows no lack of the luxurious look and feel, it is just obtained in a much more conscious way. This is to me what summarizes the philosophy of Nove when it comes to fabric sourcing: high quality, premium textiles produced with care for the environment.

The prints are made with biological ink in Northern Italy. As biological ink has a smaller choice of colors, it took many tests to obtain the perfect Nove colors. 

Peae Silk is used for our Silk Scarves, Silk Scrunchies and in the Mae Midi Dress.

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