Conscious Laundry Hacks

Doing laundry is not our most favorite task but a necessary one. We collected our best tips that will save you time, money and also care for the environment. 


Pre-treating stains saves detergent and makes sure all stains will disappear. Put some stain remover on the spot directly before putting the garment to the laundry basket – so you won’t forget when you do the laundry. This also helps that the stain does not get too dry, the stain remover keeps the stain moist (what makes it easier to wash it off the fibres).


The most energy that is used by the washing machine is the effort to heat the water. Most garments can be washed on cold temperatures and still get clean (make sure that stains are pre-treated).


The laundry detergent not only sets the smell or the degree of cleanliness, it also has an impact on your skin. Especially for babies and people with sensitive skin the choice of detergent should be made very consciously. Make sure to have the right detergent for every fabric type, we think 3 is enough

  • one for white/normal washing
  • one for color (to avoid color stripping)
  • one for wool and delicate fabrics such as silk or viscose


It really depends on the region you live in, whether you have hard or soft water. Make sure to amend the amount of detergent accordingly, you need much less if your water is soft. 


Fabric softener is mostly a wild combination of chemicals, so better avoid it, if possible. Not only for the environment, but as fabric softener is not rinsed off, it will stay on your skin directly. Our tip is to simply add around 1/2 cup of white vinegar (German Tafelessig) in the compartment used for softener. Don’t worry about the vinegar smell, it disappears without a trace after you wash. It costs a lot less, too.

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