Care for Wool Jackets

A high quality Wool Jacket is the perfect partner for all seasons and takes you from early autumn to summer nights that are colder than expected. Taking care of it properly will support its longevity and the jacket will keep the best fabric and warming quality. 


For a deep cleanse, it is important to bring your wool jacket to a dry cleaner (always read the washing instructions of your item carefully). But many things can be done at home, too.


After wearing the jacket for some time you can use a soft clothing brush and brush the surface gently. This way all lint and soil gets removed off of the coat without damaging it. Also ist reshapes the threads. 


For spot cleaning, first try to gently rub the woven wool with a dry kitchen towel. If there is a liquid spot on your jacket, the faster reaction the better. Due to its water repellent properties, the liquid won’t sink in the material immediately and you can dab the spot with a soaking cloth.


When putting your jacket in the wardrobe, there are a few things you can help it maintain in good shape and quality. First, the hangers are important. To support the shoulder and arm area you should hang your jacket on broad hangers so the shoulder area does not stretch out of shape. In addition, the jacket should be hung in a spot with good airflow. It should not be packed too tight between other jackets. This way it will also air out to get rid of any odor.


If you don’t wear the wool jackets all seasons (like we do – it’s just cosy for an unexpectedly cold summer night), it should be dry cleaned before going back into storage. Moths prefer unwashed items as they like smells and skin particles. Make sure to steam your wool jacket on a regular basis also while wearing it, to protect it against moths. For additional protection put some organic anti-moth helper like essential oils into the bag to keep them out.

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