Care for Viscose

Viscose, often used as an animal-free silk alternative, is a semi-synthetic fabric. It is made out of tree wood pulp which can be harvested from different plants like eucalyptus, beech, or pine for example. Viscose is breathable, absorbent, lightweight, and very soft. It's often used for delicate clothing such as nightwear, blouses or light trousers that touches your skin directly.


Ideally, Viscose is not washed a lot. If you need to wash it, make sure to never wash it with a higher temperature than 30 degrees, because heat might damage the fibers and make the fabric look different.  After washing it by hand, do not wring it, as it will lose its form.  Don’t put it in the tumbler, just air-dry it on a drying rack.


Viscose is best to be steamed, not ironed. A gentle 5 minutes steam will also refresh your Viscose items after wear and saves one wash in your machine.

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