A Letter From The Founder

Dear Nove Women,

Today is the long awaited launch of Nove. Beside the necessity for modern and elegant garments that can be worn throughout pregnancy as well, I’ve always wished to be encouraged and inspired during my pregnancies, also from within. 

My vision is to not only to embrace your beauty during and after this exciting time of being an expectant woman, but also encourage you as new mothers, share words with you that might inspire, explain or evoke controversial thoughts or discussions.

I hope to connect and exchange with you over pregnancy questions, challenging motherhood themes, sustainability aspects and other topics that touch and move me. 

Also, I would love to introduce you to women and mothers that inspire myself and many others. For me, it was always a relief talking to other mothers or to read their stories. All of them had different approaches that helped me grow into my new role as mother, finding my right place somewhere in between all of them.

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